218666334 Duran/DWK Life Sciences

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DURAN® protect GLS 80® Laboratory Bottle, wide mouth, amber, plastic safety coated,without screw cap and pouring ring, 2000 mL
DURAN® Original GL laboratory bottles have become the gold standard of multifunctional laboratory bottles since their introduction in 1972. The protect safety-coated version of the bottles combining the best of both worlds: virtually inert USP/EP Type I borosilicate glass 3.3 glass on the inside and a protective safety plastic layer on the outside. The bottles are moulded from high-purity, ambered, glass that is then coated with a PU plastic coating to reduce the hazards of broken glass and liquid splashes in the event of breakage. The amber ensures that light sensitive contents are protected from the effects of photodegradation. The protection against ultra-violet light meets international USP/EP standards. A combination of high-performance materials and robust ISO 4796-1 design provides a long working life. The bottles feature an easy-to-read graduated volume scale, and marking field in permanent white enamel. Permanent Retrace Code on each bottle for manufacturing lot traceability. The protect safety coating meets the requirements of ASTM E1522, and is fully autoclavable at 121 or 134 °C.
Features and Benefits:
  • The coating provides scratch, leak* and splinter* protection (* only applies to bottles 5000 ml and less)
  • UV protection up to approx. 500 nm due to external colouration. The only external application of the colour ensures that internal surfaces have standard DURAN® glass properties
  • Easy access to the bottle contents due to the wide diameter of the bottle neck
  • Special thread design for rapid opening and closing in less than a turn
  • Optimum filling and pouring and particularly easy cleaning
  • Spoons, spatulas and tweezers can be manipulated with ease
  • Even large-volume funnels can be inserted into the bottles without any difficulty
  • Stability due to the large base area
  • Easy-to-read scale with graduation marks to estimate the content
  • Fired-on, highly durable white ceramic

Application: Autoclaving of media and reagents, Preparation of media and reagents, Sample collection, Culturing vessel, Storage of media and reagents, Transport and shipping, Liquid handling reservoir
Торговая марка: DURAN®
Номинальный объем: 2 l
Type of neck: wide neck
Material: Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Color: Brown
Asepsis: No
Вес нетто: 1,025 kg
EAN Code: 4032051301429
Страна происхождения: Germany
County of origin: Rhineland-Palatinate
Вес брутто: 1,095 kg
Объем упаковки: 0,059746m3

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